Thursday, September 8, 2011

Glorious Ripples

This is Buffy birthday present #2, given to me by my fabulous friend Malia, who happens to take yoga with Clare Kramer (a.k.a. Glorificus) in Sherman Oaks. Small Buffy-verse, right? And here's the real beauty of the present. I wrote a Glory/Ben song quite some time ago but couldn't for the life of me think of a title. I scoured through the song lyrics, looking for a snippet I could use. I rewatched some Season 5 episodes. Nothing. Within hours after receiving the gift, boom! I got my title. The song is all about a person who tries to date someone two-faced, so to speak. I'm sure you all have had the experience of wanting to get to know someone who appears to be one thing in one moment, then changes to something entirely different the next. This song takes such a scenario to the extreme. And the title is "When 3 Become 2." (This is, of course, riff off the Spice Girls hit "2 Become 1.")

Now, onto some other exciting tidbits. First of all, "Love You... With a Vengeance" is coming along. I got an incredibly helpful one-on-one tutorial with my friend Josh Rubinstein, who I met -- guess where -- at a Buffy event. He showed me pretty much everything I needed to know about mixing the levels on my 7 instrumental tracks. He also gave his seal of approval on my song. (Smiley face icon!) Next, I've got to work out the details of the video shoot, which requires coordinating the schedules of myself, the cinematographer, and the owner of the house I want to shoot in. (Once we get everyone in the same room together, it'll be a piece of cake!)

As for the Faith song, I did put an ad on craigslist looking for a Buffy fan who could produce a hip-hop track. Alas, no bites! A little disappointing, though not too surprising, given that there are probably more pianists and rock guitarists than hip-hop producers in the Joss Whedon fan base. But not to worry, Faith, your time in the spotlight will come.

Speaking of being in the spotlight, I'm thrilled to announce that my Buffy ballads will be featured on a podcast! The geek power couple, Bryant and Barbra Dillon -- who run Fanboy Comics -- are starting a new podcast called "The Scooby and the Newbie". They will be airing an episode for every season of Buffy, and using one of my songs to sign off. How cool is that??? I've got to get all the info for them by this weekend, including an audio file for the very first song, which will be You Renegade Vamp. Unfortunately, the audio quality is a little spotty. So if there's any way I can possibly squeeze in a session, I'm going to try to re-record the vocals tomorrow. Ambitious, but who knows how many folks it'll reach?

Oh, and while were on the topic of reaching folks, here is another bizarre and wonderful coincidence. I was randomly doing a Google search to gather links for this blog, and while doing so stumbled upon this article, which featured -- guess who -- me!!! Last Monday, I was at a Labor Day barbecue at the home of Marsia Powers, who runs Whedonopolis. While there, I met a guy named Gene Turnbow, who produces Krypton Radio. He is a totally cool guy, along with a visionary thinker. We talked for a super long time about all sorts of things, and I gave him a Buffy flyer. And the next thing I know, I am featured on his site! It's a crazy thing how word travels, especially if you get plugged into the right circles.

Okay, enough for now. I am burning the midnight oil and then some. In less than five hours I must be up again, to receive the Substitute Teacher imprint (no, I am NOT ready for a treatment!!!) Reluctant Fan Girl signing off.